From idea to exit,

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We give you access to our rolodex of customers, design partners, fellow founders, follow-on investors, and mentors.
DTC dinner in TLV. Introducing our portcos to SodaStream, James Allen, Jones Road Beauty, and more.

1500+ intros to companies like...

GroundUp Leads

We act as an outsourced SDR team, helping you define, refine, and execute a winning sales strategy.
"The number of intros, leads, and deals GUV has gotten for us is insane."
Step 1
Market research
  • We leverage insights across the portfolio to refine your ideal customer profile

  • Study the competition to get a clear picture of the market

  • Identify companies and profiles for outreach

Step 2
  • Craft outreach messages

  • Leverage our network and proprietary tech stack to connect with hard-to-reach decision-makers

  • Monitor CTR, opens, and responses

Step 3
  • A/B test to further craft the perfect message

  • Incorporate feedback from initial outreach efforts

  • Double down on similar profiles and companies with the highest success rates

Step 4
  • We introduce  and connect you with relevant decision-makers

  • Provide you with comprehensive background information and details on each lead

  • You do what you do best – close the deal

PR and Media

We assist you in planning media outreach and securing features in top-tier publications.
A TechCrunch article we secured for Triple Whale.


We help with messaging, content creation, conversion rate optimization, social media, and building your personal brand.
A personal branding workshop for our founders.
“The workshop on social branding was fantastic, and one of the posts I did last week is now at 44,000 impressions which is 10x the norm. You guys are tremendous help.”

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