We're best friends who work together

Our journey started as a dream. Built on a decade long friendship, we strived to bring a new energy to the venture scene. We operate differently from other firms where our word is our bond and our north star is our NPS. We're here to serve founders.
LP Cocktail Event, The Fleur Room NYC.
Get to know us
Casual friday chess game.
The goal was clear from the very beginning: to create a venture firm that brings a fresh energy to the industry.
Cheers from Jerusalem!

Investing is a team sport. We each have our strengths and weaknesses and strive to complement each other in service to our founders. But most importantly, we play to win and we leave it all on the field.

David and our summer interns in Jerusalem.

Our team in Israel went for a hike today that included exploring caves and jumping in natural spring pools. Why? Because it was our intern appreciation day! We love our summer analyst 2019 class and are grateful for all of their hard work!”

🎶 Woah, we're halfway there
Woah-oh, livin on a prayer
Take my hand, we'll make it, I swear
Woah-oh, livin on a prayer 🎶

Tonight we are taking our Israeli
portfolio founders to Bon Jovi in Tel Aviv.

What did we tell them the occasion was?

That they are all halfway there.

Ground Up @ Bon Jovi, Tel Aviv.

Meet the people behind Ground Up Ventures

Founding Partner
David Stark
Founding Partner
Cory Moelis
Jordan Odinsky
Executive Assistant
Shira Stein
Head of Value Creation
Allie Feuerstein
Venture Partner
Navot Volk
Investment Associate
Neal Mintz