Meet Liftoff — the first moonshot fellowship for Israeli founders.

Powered by Ground Up Ventures and Microsoft, Liftoff gives founders an unfair advantage as they build their company from zero to one.

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What is a Moonshot?

We deeply believe the next wave of generational companies will be built at the intersection of these core tenets.

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Where we're placing bets

Powering our homes and communities

From harnessing the sun's energy to cutting-edge battery technologies, we support innovation across energy and power generation, carbon capture and credits, and more.

Feeding our growing population

From redefining agriculture to pioneering lab-grown foods and robotics in farming, we support breakthroughs across agriculture and food, farming and robotics, gene editing, and more.

Upgrading the built environment

Reimagining our cities and homes for carbon neutrality, autonomous mobility and affordability, we focus on advancements in new construction materials and methodologies to build and improve our physical spaces.

Protecting our citizens and warfighters

From robust defense systems to drone technology, autonomous protection, and state-of-the-art hardware and software, we're committed to innovations that ensure the safety and security of our communities and armed forces.

Providing the infrastructure to go beyond

Whether it's space exploration, aerospace innovations, or satellite technology, we support the visionaries pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the cosmos.

All Liftoff companies will receive


Office space for your team

$800k for 10%

Exclusive OpenAI and Azure credits

Access to our network of customers and design partners

Unparalleled guidance and mentorship from Microsoft execs across the globe

Clear path to your first institutional investment round

Hands-on support from top industry advisors and mentors

$500k+ in software perks

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The program accepts founders on a rolling basis.

Frequently asked questions

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Who is Ground Up?

Ground Up Ventures is an early stage venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed stage startups in the United States and Israel.

Who is Microsoft?

Microsoft is a global technology leader offering software, services, devices, and solutions. Its segments include Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and Personal Computing, covering a wide range of offerings from office services to gaming. With over 200,000 employees, Microsoft serves customers worldwide through various channels, from OEMs to digital marketplaces.

What is the program timeline?

Instead of locking founders into a cohort based program, we decided that Liftoff would be a rolling program available for founders whenever they’re ready to get started. As such, we have no end dates. Once you’re in, we wake up every morning to support you throughout the journey.

How is this different from the other deals that Ground Up does?

In addition to leading institutional rounds, we have met hundreds of founders over the years building bold ideas that were pre-market. Until now, we haven’t had a way to support these founders in their company building process. With the Liftoff program, we are well positioned to support founders from Day Zero (and Day -1) of their company building journey.

How do I apply?

Send an email to to get started!